Kindergartner Daniel Burger, Second grader Emily RossTop 5 Reasons to Consider CCS for your Student:

  1. Faith-Based Education: Children learn the message of Christ on a daily basis. This equips young people with faith, morality, honesty, integrity, and love for others. This type of education serves students well in life and future careers.
  2. Individualized Classroom Instruction: The average class size is 12-15 students giving teachers the opportunity to spend time with individual students.
  3. Family Atmosphere: The top reason that current parents, teachers, students, parishioners and alumni identify is that CCS is one big family. We are a network of people who care about one another, enjoy helping each other, and have fun together! We are always excited to welcome new family members.Hand Bell
  4. Independent Curriculum: Because we are a private school, we have the flexibility to develop our curriculum in a way that goes beyond the standard provincial curriculum. We are proud of the many outstanding academic, career, and life achievements of our graduates. The focus on quality education has inspired the development of an aggressive curriculum which prepares our students to excel at the high school level and also offers them opportunities to advance more quickly among their peers.
  5. Dedicated Teachers: 6 of our 12 full-time faculty have been at CCS for over 20 years! Our Principal has been at CCS for 40 years. The reason they choose to teach at CCS is because they are passionate about the quality, Catholic education they provide. They are fulfilled in the work they do with our students.

There are many other reasons to choose CCS for your student including, a safe environment, unique extracurricular opportunities, great athletics, and parental involvement opportunities.