” Corpus Christi School gave me a love for learning and appreciation for teaching. I still remember all of my teachers and how much they truly cared about their students.” Brandy Killeen Corpus Christi Class 2005

“I am thankful for my education at Corpus Christi and the life long friends I have made there. I love watching my nieces and nephew attending the school and I am excited to send my children there in the future.” Casey Tucker-Biela Corpus Christi Class of 2003

“I would not be the person I am today if it was not for Corpus Christi School. The value of a CCS education is priceless and will stay with you for a lifetime. Some of my fondest years were at CCS due to the people apart of the CCS family. I will be forever grateful for my teachers, fellow classmates, and the opportunity of being a student of CCS. It was at this school where I was given the chance to start my coaching career at 17 years old and my life has forever changed. I am thankful.” Mason Werner Corpus Christi Class of 2006

“Corpus Christi School  is everything a school should be and nothing it should not. The academics are excellent, exceeding those of public schools. But more important, to me, is the family atmosphere of trust, respect and goodwill that is present in every aspect of Corpus Christi School. Everyone at the school—the teachers, the staff, the parents and volunteers—are here because they want to be. The results are students with an overwhelmingly positive attitude. They hold doors for one another, willingly respect the people who are there to guide their development, spontaneously greet visitors, and respond enthusiastically to any question or request. In a world where school environments are increasingly jaded and cynical, more guarded than nurturing, it’s truly a blessing to have a place like Corpus Christi School where happy children flourish because they are reflecting the atmosphere of the school in which they spend their days.” Marc Seamon, CCS Parent, Alumnus, & Board Member


“Each child is unique and special and as a staff we know this.  We have a relationship with not only our students, but their families.” Shannon Wall, CCS Teacher, Parent, & Alumnus

Mrs. Shannon Wall

Shannon Wall

“There are a variety of things I like about CCS, but topping my list is the fact that each day that we send our daughters to school, we feel confident that they are in a safe, nurturing environment where each student is respected and taught the importance of respect toward others. ” Marla Blake, CCS Parent, & Board Member

Blake Family

Pictured above from left to right, Gianna Blake, fourth grade, Marla Blake, Mother and Board Member, Giulana Blake, Pre-K  Program, Gabriella Blake, third grade, and Ryan Blake, Father.