What is SCRIP? 

Corpus Christi participates in a gift card program called SCRIP. Corpus Christi purchases gift cards at a discounted rate and then sells them to our CC families, as well as the community, for regular price. The difference (profit) is then split between the school and the families that purchase the cards. The family profit is distributed quarterly in the form of tuition vouchers which can be used to pay your child’s tuition.

There are several different ways to purchase SCRIP:

  1. Buy SCRIP Directly- Our most popular cards are in stock at the school. Cards can be purchased at any time during the week. Please contact Ashley via the contact information below, or Erin in the school office, if you would like to purchase a card. SCRIP can also be purchased after all weekend masses at the church entrance, as well as at all PTG meetings.
  2. Place a special order- If there are cards that you would like to purchase that we don’t carry in stock, you may place a special order. An order form can be obtained through the school per request. The order forms and payment can be sent to school with your child. If you would like your order to be sent home with your child, a waiver needs to be filled out and returned to school. Special orders need to be received by 10:00 Monday morning to ensure Friday delivery. Visit www.shopwithscrip.com for a complete list of retailers.
  3. Facebook- Orders can be placed through private messaging our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us at Corpus Christi SCRIP!SC
  4. ScripNow – You can purchase eCards through your very own family account at www.shopwithscrip.com. These eCards can be printed or emailed within minutes!  PrestoPay is available for online payment, so no need to write a check to the school! Please see the enclosed guides for instructions on how to set up a family account, PrestoPay account, and ordering information.

**SCRIP Cards – These cards are equivalent to cash. Once these cards are given out we are not responsible for them.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, retailer suggestions, or any concerns at AshleyKosem@yahoo.com. I can also be reached via Facebook messaging or through the school office.

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